Are You The Next Miss Key Lime USA ?

July 5 | 8-10:30pm | Green Parrot Bar | 601 Whitehead Street
Miss Key Lime Pageant 2014 has it all! Besides the bevy of beauties partaking in the Key West flavored competition, the event includes the Latin, Reggae, and Soul band Xperimento, Host Marky Pierson and a variety of comedic and entertaining performances throughout the evening.  The free event begins at 8pm, crowning at 10:15, and the festival party starts at 10:30.  
The contestants will perform their hearts out for fame, glory and a snappy grand prize that comes along with the dubious and delightful title of Miss Key Lime USA.  The two portions of the pageant to be judged are The Costume & Talent section with a 3 minute time limit, and the Vintage Fashion Question & Answer section with a 1 minute time limit.  

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2013 Results

Miss Key Lime 2013 Liz Love with Marky Pierson
 Miss Key Lime, U.S.A 2013 - Liz Love      Mistress of Citrus - Kelly Jane  
Miss Pie in The Sky -  Layla Laser

Additional Awards & Titles

The Zesty & Zany Award - Joanie Sullivan the  Over the top performance.
Sweet Nā€™ Tart Sweetheart - Lady Luscious
The all American girl with just the right amount of pizzazz.
The Key Lime Martini Award - Irena Rose
For a Key Lime tipsy performance.
Miss Key Lime Pageant banner 2013

Talent and Costumes

Judging Criteria

Judging will take place in 4 categories, with a maximum score of 25 points for each category and a maximum score of 100 points for the contest.  Judges (4) will base decisions on a point allocated rubric.
  • Part 1 ā€“ Talent & Costume Contest
    Talent (25 Points)
  • Originality (5), Execution (5), Audience Response (5), Pizzazz (5), Overall Performance (5)         Costume (25 Points)
  • Originality (5), Construction (5) Visual Appeal (5), Use of Props (5), Relevance to Key Lime Theme (5)
  • Part 2 ā€“ Vintage Style Question & Answer Contest
    Vintage Style (25 Points)
  • Hair (5), Make-Up (5), Outfit (5), Accessories (5), Body Language (5) Question & Answer (25 Points)
  • Smarts (5), Wit (5), Humor (5), Crowd Interaction (5), Overall Performance (5)

Vintage Style & Smarts

Contestant Info & Rules

  • Call time is 7pm @ Green Parrot
  • Dressing room provided
  • Music for performance must be submitted 48 hours before the pageant
  • Application must be filled out by June 20th
  • Winner will be announced by 10:30pm Grand Prize will be delivered no later than a week after the pageant
  • Talent Section cannot exceed 3 mins
  • Question & Answer will last 1 min
  • Pageant Finalists limited to 10 people
  • All judges decisions are final
  • Not All submissions will compete. Limited to 10 entries based on quality of the submission, information, and timeliness
  • This is a fun, wild, sexy, goofy, cheeky contest and show. 

Entertainment & Humor

Pageant Details

1. Talent and Performance Section 
  • 3 min performance.  Open to all talents and musical cholces. Music and technical notes must be submitted 48 hours before the show. Stage is 5 x 8 feet,  and elevated off the Green Parrot Floor 36". Music file must be an MP3 and emailed to with your name and Miss Key Lime in the subject line. 
2. Question & Answer Portion
  • 1 min for answer. Featuring your distinct vintage or retro style. Questions will be listed 24 hours before the show. Host will ask question- Judges may ask a counter question to your answer.