Good Morning America - The World's Largest Key Lime Pie!

The Key Lime Festival 2013, Key West Florida, U.S.A

Key LImes flavor our soups, pies and martinis - our soaps and our salts.  More importantly, they flavor our lives, which are as unique to the Florida Keys as the tart and juicy fruit. The Key Lime Pie Festival is a celebration of both our citrus and eccentrics.  Come on down for a real taste of what the Keys are about!

Are You Crazy  for Key Limes?

The little lime called citrus aurantifolia embarked on quite a journey before becoming a Key Lime. Like many residents, she arrived from somewhere else, and knew immediately this was a place she could call home. She planted herself, dug in roots, branched out and began a fruitful career. Today she is known across the globe, but maintains her roots where she started, right here in the Florida Keys.

Schedule of Events : July 4th-6th 2013

Locals and tourists alike celebrate Key Limes every day, but in the Florida Keys we like to pay our respects and celebrate the things that make our islands so unique in a big way every now and then. Our celebrations are big, odd, fun and unforgettable. They have a lot of style served with a delicious side of pizzazz. 
12 -3 pm - Green & Duval St 
The Big Tang Theory!  Do you like pie? Do you like really big pies? Do you want to sample the delights of the largest Key Lime Pie in the history of mankind? Head to Greene Street for the World's Largest Key Lime Pie! See the pie! Taste the pie! Take photos with the pie and amaze your social media friends! Slices are just a buck and benefit The Key West Firehouse Museum.
Noon -12:30 pm - Green & Duval St
Eat Your Heart Out!
Prove your pie eating skills at Mile High Key Lime Pie Eatin' Contest! Looking for a slower pace to enjoy the delightful taste of the best Key Lime Pies from around the world without your hands tied behind your back?  This event is for you!
12 - 2pm - Hemingway House & Gardens  
We are The Champions!  There are no losers when it comes to Key Limes, and winners will abound at The Key Lime Pie Championships. Are you the best Conch, Professional or Amateur creator of Key Lime concoctions? Prove it at the championships. Are you a kitchen nightmare waiting to happen? Stop by to see how it’s done and sample the finest Key Lime Pies in the world.
8 -10:30pm  - Green Parrot Bar   
Tart and Tasty!  Feeling a little tart? Has the Miss America Pageant let you down for more than a decade? See what a pageant was meant to be as Marky Pierson turns the Green Parrot yellow for The Miss Key Lime U.S.A Pageant. Ten finalists will compete for this prestigious title. One of them could be you!
12 Noon - 1 pm -  Pineapple Pool - Southernmost Hotel Collection  
Kidding Around!  Key Limes are for the entire family, and so is The Key Lime Festival. Is your daughter, granddaughter or niece a future leader? Is she fit to be President, but would prefer to show off her smarts, style and grace in a tropical setting surrounded by limes? Sign her up for The Lil’ Miss Key Lime Pageant. It’s the cutest lil’ competition to ever grace the Florida Keys. Now accepting 1- 5 yr old for the Mini Miss Key Lime!
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